The Top Four Reasons to Plan your Grand Canyon Trip Soon


The Grand Canyon National Park is undeniably one of the top tourists destinations in the United States. With scenic views everywhere, it’s no wonder people from all over the globe flock this eight wonder of the world all year round.

If you think the Grand Canyon is already magnificent and beautiful from the movies or television, wait until you see it in person. There really are no exact words to describe its grandeur. If you need more convincing here are reasons why you should take a trip to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon!

  • Natural Beauty

Mother Nature has carved beauty for millions of years across the Arizona landscape to form the Grand Canyon. It boasts beauty beyond words, and is continuously evolving into a grander, more scenic spot.

The Canyon is also home to thousands of animal and plant species that are unique to Arizona. It also features different types of rocks and gives you a clear picture of what paradise looks like (and home to many waterfalls like Mooney Falls).

  • Educational Tours

If you want to fully understand Mother Nature, Grand Canyon National Park is the perfect place to satiate your hunger for all things nature, history, and culture. Educational tours are available wherein guides will give you a chance to take a closer look at how the Canyon has been evolving since it started morphing itself some ten million years ago.

  • History and Culture Knowledge

The Grand Canyon is a historical and cultural site due to the many archeological gems that were discovered throughout the land. Researchers suggest that the Canyon can be dated as far back as 1200 BCE, long before the Native Americans settled the land.

  • Highly Accessible

Due to the high influx of visitors from other states and from abroad, Grand Canyon has established many routes and tours to make the national park easily accessible to tourists. Apart from easy transportation routes, the Grand Canyon also boasts hotels ad lodges within the property or nearby so guests can spend a few days learning more about this expansive land.

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Where You Can Get Access To A Car Insurance Quote Comparison Website (20)

Do you need car insurance? Perhaps you have an existing policy that is extremely unaffordable. Whether you had an accident, or they simply decided to raise your rates, it’s time to make a change. The amount of money that you can save will depend upon the type of vehicles that you drive, and how much time you spend driving. If your vehicles are paid off, or if you are making payments, these are all factors that will be taken into consideration by these new auto insurance companies that can save you on your monthly and annual premiums.

How Do These Car Insurance Quote Comparison Sites Work?

These websites are actually very easy to use (and they provide cheap car insurance quotes). If you have ever filled out forms before, these are the same but simply digital. They are going to ask you questions such as your name, address, the type of vehicles that you drive, and then you will submit this information. Most people will get quotes back from several different companies very quickly, allowing them to start making a decision right away. It’s good to wait till they all come in as there may be one that is much more affordable that simply waited a little longer to send the information.

How Much Can You Actually Save Each Month?

These different companies will take into account your driving record, the type of vehicles that you own, and they will also consider what insurance you have right now. They will provide you with an estimate based upon what you tell them that you already have, and this can help accelerate the process of helping you save money. Once you are done, you will see that this is a very easy way to save quite a bit of money on your car insurance. Find one of these car insurance quote comparison websites today and start saving money on your auto insurance premiums now and on into the future.

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The real way to discover the National Park Tayrona : BEACH HIKING


Day 1: Taganga – Neguanje – Playa Cristal – Playa Cinto – Playa Guachaquita

Our 4WD Jeep brings you to the starting point for this tour: Neguanje (1 hour by car). From there we walk along the stone beach for ½ hour to Playa Cristal, where you will find an amazing Caribbean beach with coral reefs. You have the chance to snorkelling with our own equipment and to be lazy lying in a hammock at the beach. After having a typical lunch, we continue our walk for 1 hour to Playa Cinto for having a short rest at the beach. From there we hike another 1 ½ hours through the jungle to Playa Guachaquita, where we have dinner and stay over night in hammocks at the beach.

Walking hours: aprox. 3

Day 2: Playa Guachaquita – Playa Palmarito – Playa Brava

After breakfast we start the day with a 2 hours hike through jungle and up to the coastal mountains of the National Park Tayrona over the mountainous peaks to Playa Palmarito, where we have lunch. In the afternoon we walk for 2 more hours up and down the jungle to Playa Brava. There we have dinner and stay over night in hammocks.

Walking hours: aprox. 4

Day 3: Playa Brava – Pueblito – Playa Cabo San Juán del Guía – Playa Piscina – Playa La Arenilla – Arrecifes – Cañaveral – Taganga

After having our breakfast, we continue the hike for 1 ½ hours going up through the jungle to Pueblito, a pre-colombian archeological site. You will be taken around and the Kogis, the descendants of the Tayrona, who still live in this area, explain the historical and present background. After our historical stop in Pueblito, we walk down for 1 hour to Playa Cabo San Juán del Guía. Enjoy the wonderful beach with its huge rock formations! After having lunch and resting at the beach, we walk for 40 minutes along the beaches Piscina and La Arenilla to Arrecifes, where we rest a moment to have a refreshing drink at the powerful beach of Arrecifes. Then we continue for the last part of the tour and hike through the jungle to Cañaveral for 45 minutes. If you are lucky and silent hikers, you see monkeys there! In Cañaveral the Jeep will be waiting for us to bring us back to Taganga (45 minutes by car).

Walking hours: aprox. 4

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Day 1: Taganga – Machete Pelaos– Dondé Adán

At 9:00 a.m. we leave from Taganga to Machete Pelaos in our 4WD Toyota (2 hours). There we start the trek until we get to the farm “Donde Adán”, an airy place where we stay over night. Don´t miss the chance to have a refreshing bath in the natural waterfall!

Walking hours: 3

Day 2: Dondé Adán– Cabana of Elio (Sierra Tours)

At 8:00 a.m. we continue the hike ascending the valley formed by the river Buritaca, where we find some indigenous houses. This is the small village Mutanshi. We follow the path until the cabana of ELIO, where we stay over night.

Walking hours: 4

Day 3: Cabana of Elio – Lost City

At 7:30 a.m. we start hiking discovering the indigenous paths and cabanas and we pass places where we find archaeological fingerprints of the ancient habitants of the region. This day we cross the the river Buritaca many times until we arrive the Lost City, sacred site for the indigenous tribes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. We discover this place, to get to know the archaeological sites and many terraces. Your guide explains the history of the Tayronas. During the inspection, you can take a bath in the basin of youth, according to the legend!

Walking hours: 6

Day 4: Lost City – Cabana of Elio (Sierra Tours)

After having our breakfast, we walk back to the cabana de Elio to have our lunch. In the afternoon we relax and take a refreshing bath in the river Buritaca, just behind the cabana.

Walking hours: 5

Day 5: Cabana of Elio – Machete Pelaos – Taganga

At 8:00 a.m. we hike the last part until Machete Pelaos, where we have lunch. The transport of SIERRA TOURS brings us back to Taganga, where we arrive aprox. at 5:00 p.m.

Walking hours: 5

Equipment list

• Hiking boots

• Sandals or resting shoes

• T-shirts and shorts pants

• Long pants (insect protection)

• Towel and socks

• Swimming suit

• Sleeping bag

• Bottle of water 1 l

• Purification pills (available in our office)

• Flash light

• Sun protection

• Insect repellent

• Personal hygienic items

• Toilet paper

• Personal medicine

• Small or medium trekking bag pack ( available for rent in our office)

• Minimum of 2 plastic bags (garbage size) to protect personal items from moisture

The tour operator is not responsible for personal equipment (cameras, bags, sleeping bags etc.). Please take care of your personal equipment. Extra costs for personal needs or extra transport (e.g. in case you decide to going back earlier than planned) are not covered.

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